kali van der merwe


Kali van der Merwe in collaboration with Valentina Leo

Women and snakes have been associated for aeons. Their intimacy is well documented in ancient cultures and became demonised by Christian myths.


The snake is a powerful, primordial symbol for cosmic creativity and sexual energy, which women were worshipped for possessing.


Here a woman learns to dance with a snake again.


Struggling at first but in time finding the synergy between herself and the serpent.


She unites male and female energies within and without into oneness of being.


Her snake dance echoes the cycle of endless transformation of cosmic creation.


Valentina Leo



Kali van der Merwe



Kali van der Merwe



Kali van der Merwe


snake charmer

Valentina Leo


special thanks to DAKARA the Burmese python



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