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Kali van der Merwe

Simon Dunckley



Animortis is a journey into the realm of death.


In the expanding, contracting cosmic void, animal, bird and insect spirit-automata attempt to reclaim their mobility.


Guardian consciousness from the Animalia kingdom keep a watchful eye out.


This immersive film was created with found insect and roadkill corpses.


It speaks to our collective fate and current ecological crisis.


The abyss IS staring back at us.








Up to a 100 million different species co-exist with us


We all depend on biological diversity for survival



This film was created with roadkill victims

and found insect corpses




Stop frame animation, Audio Edit

Kali van der Merwe


Visual Editing

Simon Dunckley



Noise, Final Mix


Jacques van Zyl



Warrick Sony


Additional music

Dax Butler


Astronomy photographic credit
ESO (European Southern Observatory)



Thank you


Amanda Jephson

Charl Laubscher

Jon Daamen

Niels Bastiaensen

Josh and Angela Miles

Neil Parkin

Claudette Barnes


Roadkill Skeletons

Philip John

Fuad Adams

Amanda Arp

Brian Amery

Sue and Jan Vingerhoets

Dominique Espitalier-Noel

Gabrielle and Benjamin Le Roux

Mark Davidson

Jutta Holzapfel

Kirren Dunckley


Many thanks to friends who alerted me to and collected roadkill animals that appear in this film



Originally produced for the

Centre for Curating the Archive,

University of Cape Town and

Iziko Museums of South Africa

for the Under the Dome Experimental Film Festival.


copyright KALCYFI





Under the Dome festival is unframed, unidentified, unbounded, unconventional, unveiled, unpredictable, unexplored, underground, unquantified, unconstrained, unprecidented, uninhibited, unexpected...



ANIMORTIS is in the continued process of being distributed. WATCH THIS SPACE...



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This extract is actually a circular dome master since one can't properly see a 360 film on a flat screen.

It was made in collaboration with artist and visual editor Simon, Dunckley and sound artist Jacques van Zyl (hashtag_blacknoise) with music by Warrick Sony.

This is just a 3 minute snippet of the 11 minute film.

Animortis premiered in November 2019 at Under the Dome festival at Iziko Plantarium Cape Town.

This project was supported by Centre for Curating the Archive at the University of Cape Town and Iziko South African Museums.

The film is a journey into death created with animal. And bird roadkill victims and found insect corpses.

It has also been, adapted for virtual reality.


Mortis Animatis

Over the last 3 years, I have been stop frame animating roadkill animal and bird victims as well as insect corpses. These individual animations formed part of ANIMORTIS.


First shown at the AfTeR LiFe exhibition at Iziko South African Museum 2018 as part of a 3 channel projection



Allow for the perpetual motion film to load

all rights reserved © Kali van der Merwe


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