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Commission Kali and collaborate on the most unique expression of your being, your incarnation.



I am interested in imaging intimacy, where individual boundaries can shift and blur. How do partners instinctively fit their bodies together, intertwining physical, energetic and emotional energy? Celebrate your union, your love, your connection...


Something mysterious happens when we passionately loose and find our selves in another.

liquid - body

All our significant emotional moments are accompanied by water, in tears of laughter, joy and sadness. Our bodies are 90% water - with everything needing to be dissolved in some way in order to be transformed, transported and absorbed. And at death - the water flows out of us, we dry up and desiccate.


Humans are creatures deeply dependent on water: to create new life, to love, to feel, to cry, to metabolise, to survive.


Together with Kali, explore your fluid corporeity in the body of water


Become one with nature.

Dissolve into the elements.

Play hide and seek.

Loose and find yourself.

Become immaterial

Be immersed




In the darkness, find your radiance.

Be transformed by Light.

Dialogue with your Self.

Play with space, chance and time

Transcend personal identity


This process is where personal meets primal, individual becomes archetypal, human touches divine.



The forces of eros are necessary for life to continue.


The sensual and erotic is a deeply personal, space. The energies of pleasure, intimacy, bliss, desire, delight, joy, happiness, satisfaction are all forces felt in the body and bypass intellectualisation.


Sensuality is about honouring the body and its immense capacity for experience, healing, creativity and being present in the moment


Celebrate connection to the divine made flesh and the deepest part of your self..



Feedback from participants and viewers in the process of being seen and seeing.


"I applaud Kali's intuitive talent in bringing this experience to others as a message of women's divine nature."


"For me, in these pictures, I hear the silence of the water and feel the weightlessness of form I sense the intimate and personal journey that formed these visual images. Kali, in being present to capture this experience, was in the delicate position of being witness to the expression of truth of another."


"Thank you for sharing this sacred journey, seeing the images and reading the thoughts helps to open up the hidden universe within each and every one of us!"



Do you have images of yourself or loved ones that celebrate who you are?


The photographic portraiture on offer here is a process of being seen and honoured.


Rejoice in a special moment in your life, celebrate that unique relationship you have with someone significant in your life, be it lover, parent, sibling, child or friend.


Give a gift of sensual, erotic images of yourself to a partner or lover or gift a partner a photographic session.


Dare to explore your own inner and outer beauty.


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