kali van der merwe

the wound that does not bleed

Iduma Elingopiyo

die wond wat nie bloei nie


Iduma Elingipiyo

the wound that does not bleed


exploring the world of children and youth living on the streets of Cape Town


Running time 60 minutes


Filmed on and off over a period of two years, this documentary explores the world of children and youth living on the streets of Cape Town, 'strollers' as they call themselves.


Although some children profess to enjoy the freedom life on the streets gives them, most left home because their lives there were just not bearable anymore due to poverty, physical abuse, alcoholism and neglect. Their new, city circumstances are not much of an improvement. Forced to survive on handouts and petty crime, the children are subject to the vagaries of weather, disease, substance abuse, rape, harassment by officialdom and various forms of exploitation by older gangsters.


What street life does offer is some sort of companionship, substitute families are formed, providing the kids with some sense of belonging. They tend to look out for one another even though violence amongst themselves is high.


The camera is very intimate and accompanies the children on their daily routines, their lives are a struggle but not without humour. A visit is paid to a mother, who tearfully reveals her hardships in bringing up children alone under deprived circumstances and her heartache at having her young daughter living on the street.


'Iduma Elingopiyo' is a tribute to the talent and resourcefulness of youth surviving and coping on their own. Most importantly the children and youth have been given the opportunity to speak for themselves.

Awards and Screenings


Competing against feature films, 'Iduma Elingopiyo' won second prize for best foreign film at the Adriatico Cinema International Film Festival, Rimini, Italy 1998


It was screened on SABC 1 in April 2008


Iduma Elingipiyo

the wound that does not bleed



Kali van der Merwe and Davide Tosco



Dinah Arnott



Davide Tosco



Babalwa Nani, Felix Grove

Young women Other-Wise trained in their radio courses did the sound recording for this documentary.

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